Alignment Verification Rig

For Precisely Squaring your Belt Conveyor Idlers to the Belt

Laser Alignment Works on Existing or New Installations.

Improve energy efficiency

Reduce belt and roller wear

Improve belt tracking stability

Low cost and easy to use

Idler angular misalignment is one of the four main sources of conveyor operating friction.

(see Chapter 6 of CEMA’s Belt Book)

Why the AVR?

Idlers are equipped with slots allowing angular adjustment as needed for tracking but the optimum position perpendicular to the belt direction is uncertain.

Angular triangulation is tedious and requires two millwrights.  More importantly, manufacturing variations in the idler frame and conveyor stringers mean conveyor and idler frames are not necessarily good for measuring points. The important components for precise angular location are the belt and the rolls, especially the center roll, but they are difficult to reference to each other.

How Does it Work?



1. Install AVR

Installed from one side of the conveyor, the AVR grabs the center roll with self-centering V blocks.

2. Set laser to first point on edge of belt.

Rotating the laser on its pivot shaft sweeps a plane perpendicular to the idler roll. A quick adjusting stop allows spotting the laser crosshair at 12 oíclock and fixing it at the belt edge.

3. Rotate laser to second point and read misalignment.

Simply sweep the laser to compare its location to points on the belt edge away from the idler to verify alignment.

4. Adjust idler as needed.

Idler angular adjustment can be made by loosening the mounting bolts and sliding in its slots until the crosshairs are centered at multiple locations along the belt edge before moving the AVR to the next idler.

AVR Features

  • Magnetic V-blocks quickly and repeatedly clamp to align to the most important roller in the 3 roll troughing idler set- the center roll
  • Sliding quick stop prevents laser lateral movement while scanning the belt edge
  • Durable welded steel construction
  • Relies on tightened belt cross rigidity for straightness but can be used on strucure, piano wire or additional laser.
  • Belt edge drop target included to avoid interference with nearby idlers for longer range and improved accuracy
  • Works on troughing idlers and single roll and V return idlers
  • Crosshairs on laser allow for easy spotting
  • Comes calibrated with an extra, commonly available battery
  • Guarded, battery powered, green laser for high visibility and safe operation
  • Ships in a reusable, protective storage and carrying case


Patent# 10012498B2

Understand Conveyor Hazards Before Using- see Users Manual